Monday, February 21, 2011

Distracted driving ie: Don"t text and drive

Locally we have had several deaths or serious injuries due to texting.
As I see it it is a natural outfall from our modern society. texting invades my work space daily. People expect that you will have your cell phone on and they want a instant answer to their call or text.
I feel until we are able to address expectations of instant communication that we never stop distracted driving from cell phone use and particularly texting.

I revel in modern technology but at the same time find myself annoyed by the rudeness of it.
In todays world we are constantly interrupted in mid conversation by our phones. I feel until we reach a point we take control of this technology and set boundaries on the use of the phones we will not be successful on stopping distracted driving from them.

Yesterday I read a article that in NYS it is now $150 fine and two points and if you persist to the point of 11 points your license will be suspended. Please support your legislators in their effort to make it unprofitable to drive distracted and save a family members life.
Establish habits ie turn phone of in the car.

No message is worth your life.


  1. Hey there. I kinda stumbled across your blog. I don't even know if you are going to see my comment. my bf died in a car accident 4 years ago. he's was texting me when he crashed his truck. his accident was the final straw,for passing the law here in bc Canada for no texting and driving. it seems to have been for nothing. people don't care. they still do it. they don't think it will happen to them. I lost the love of my life that day. my whole future, my whole life. all because of one stupid text that meant nothing. that could have waited til he got home.

    1. the article was written two years ago and nothing has improved. I am sorry you personally suffered from a texting death.
      Here in NYS they are going to use unmarked SUV's to spot texting while driving. I doubt it will slow anyone down.


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