Monday, February 21, 2011

Distracted driving ie: Don"t text and drive

Locally we have had several deaths or serious injuries due to texting.
As I see it it is a natural outfall from our modern society. texting invades my work space daily. People expect that you will have your cell phone on and they want a instant answer to their call or text.
I feel until we are able to address expectations of instant communication that we never stop distracted driving from cell phone use and particularly texting.

I revel in modern technology but at the same time find myself annoyed by the rudeness of it.
In todays world we are constantly interrupted in mid conversation by our phones. I feel until we reach a point we take control of this technology and set boundaries on the use of the phones we will not be successful on stopping distracted driving from them.

Yesterday I read a article that in NYS it is now $150 fine and two points and if you persist to the point of 11 points your license will be suspended. Please support your legislators in their effort to make it unprofitable to drive distracted and save a family members life.
Establish habits ie turn phone of in the car.

No message is worth your life.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Retirement rules for industry versus worker

Often in recent years I have heard news stories that say "X "industry is taking away or changing health care of their retirees.
It is my position that if the employee has to make choices that he is not allowed to change after signing his or her retirement papers ie whether the spouse has survivor benefits.
In this case if the spouse dies and the employee remarries and wants to allow this new spouse to receive the benefits they cannot do it.
If industry won't can't allow you to change your decisions then they should not be able to change your retirement package after you sign the papers.
You have made your plans based on the known facts that you expected to happen.

I feel that federal law should prohibit this from happening.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

life at camp

Well it was inevitable. We upgraded our camper to a house on wheels. Between our two big dogs and ourselves it will be great to have space to enjoy.

Our Camp is at Duck Lake campground. It is a lovely campground run by Tom and Liz Harris.
They have bit by bit turned this campground into a real comfortable campground
The campground sits on Duck Lake and provides the only public access to the lake.
The Lake is mainly about 6 foot deep except a small section that runs about 2o feet deep. The DEC stocks annually with tiger Muskie. Most fish caught are Crappies,silver bass Large mouth bass.
We have taken some very nice Large Mouth Bass from the lake.

It is nice for us that the campground is only 10 miles from home. the average town is about 13 miles from the campground.

We have really enjoyed the social atmosphere of the campground. Someone is always having a cookout or something.
Unfortunately at this time I have lost the fish pictures. I thought they would be safe in my picasso but when my computer files were deleted it broke the link I guess.
I will post pics when available of the fish.

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Power of faith a nursing prospective

I have been in nursing since 1971 when I started my career in the Navy as a corpsman. Over those years there have been many opportunities to witness the power of God and Prayer.
Many times as you are ministering to the sick you wonder how much more a body can take.
Are we doing the right thing??
Over my career I have been witness to many miraculous recovery's. I very early on took care of a woman that awoke from a long coma and walked out of the hospital. At the time of her recovery we had given up all hope and had withdrawn her tracheotomy and feeding tube. This was my first lesson in not presuming to know the outcome for my patients.
I still struggle in my daily practice of nursing to know the answers to these questions.
Most recently I learned of my cousins son in a tragic accident. I admit when I first heard and read about it ,My faith in his ability to overcome the physical problems in front of him was very small.
As I read the entries of his wife and follow his progress I have been reminded yet again that God is in charge. These entries are truly a reminder of God's power in our lives.

I have learned to not only trust my inner voice ,but to listen carefully to my patients and their families.
As more demands are put on Nurses in their daily work life I think the ability to hear these voices gets more difficult. If you are a nurse reading this please make time to pray for your patient and have the Holy Spirit lead you in their care.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Gettysburg a pictoral tour

I thought I would share these pictures from the Gettysburg Military National Park.
I was taken by surprise at how this place made me feel as I stood there looking at this incredible peace of American History.
The reason for the surprise is that I am not a history buff.
My husband and I stopped for a brief visit a couple of months ago and because of the way this hallowed ground made us feel we commited to go back this time we spent 4 days in the area.
Standing on this ground preserved for us by a few insightful people at the time of the battle is a real blessing.
We owe a dept of gratitude to their foresight.
Standing on the battlefields is so different than simply looking at films or photo's.
A feeling comes over you as you look at the fields where brother,neighbor and friend fought against each other .If you are looking for your American roots I recommend you visit this park and town.
The bus tour is well worth the money and also the auto tour is great so you can take your time absorbing this place. We found everyone we
encountered there very gracious and friendly.If you are more savy than I am I have uploaded more pics that you can see.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Do you own a dog first aid kit??

I do especially since I own working dogs,but its important for all dog owners to have one available.
There are commercial ones for sale. I took a box with latches and stocked my own.
I put in it.:Natural Tears,emg gel ,gauze bandages,wraps that I got from the local horse supply that are stretchy and cling to themselves,instant ice pack,tweezers.A energy Bar is a good thing also if you have dogs that work.
I always carry extra water in the vehicles for drinking,washing the dogs etc.
You also should familiarize yourself with canine cpr. There are websites that provide the instructions.
On my website you can go to links and there is one there on the links button.
What do you carry in your first aid kit??